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  • 100% Barenbrug Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass (RPR)

  • Granulated compost or USGA-spec sand mixes available.

Barenbrug Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass (RPR) tolerates extremely heavy traffic with outstanding recuperative abilities and provides excellent turf quality and appearance. Far outperforming traditional perennial ryegrass, RPR provides traffic tolerance with early establishment. Resilient and tolerant of tough summer conditions, when perennial ryegrass is the turf of choice, RPR is the ideal selection for your sport and recreational turf facility, golf course and active home lawn. 

  • Perennial ryegrass with determinate-stolons

  • Extremely traffic tolerant with a strong ability to quickly recover from extreme wear

  • Turf of choice for all high traffic perennial ryegrass areas including sports turf, parks, school grounds and golf courses

  • High endophyte content for improved stress tolerance and strong transition zone performance

  • Strong disease resistance and insect tolerance



RPR’s unique ability to regenerate separates it from both traditional and lateral spreading perennial ryegrasses. A product of advanced DETERMINATE-STOLONS breeding techniques, RPR develops determinate-stolons which allow for regeneration in all directions. Determinate-stolons arise from an auxiliary bud near the base of the mother plant and then grow horizontally 6-8” at, or just below, the soil surface, creating identical new plants as they grow. When RPR turf is damaged from an extreme traffic event or worn from persistent traffic, its determinate-stolons will grow horizontally into the worn areas, develop roots and rapidly repair the damaged area. 



Yellow Jacket® Enhanced Seed Coating is made from a super absorbent starch based product which is capable of holding up to 600 times its weight in water. Yellow Jacket also contains Apron XL fungicide, designed to protect vulnerable seed and emerging root hairs from several fungal diseases.

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Download the spec sheet.



TurfMend products with compost come 35 lb bags (covers up to 425 sq. ft).  Sand mixes come in 50 lb bags (covers up to 415 sq ft.)  Both products are also available in 2000lb totes.

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