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Whether you're a professional turf manager or a proud homeowner, bare or worn turf areas look bad. TurfMend® is the superior quality, easy-to-use, professionally blended turf repair product that makes great turf a breeze!


About TurfMend

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Professional Seed, Professional Product, Professional Results

TurfMend® offers two unique products.  Our first product contains green sand, peat moss, and professional-grade grass seed.   Our other product contains granulated compost and professional-grade grass seed.  All grass seed exceeds consumer product standards in terms of seed purity, inert matter, and other crop/weed contamination.

DIYers/Homeowners can purchase TurfMend at www. - or support your local retail store.  

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Sand Mix Products Contain:
USGA Spec Green Sand, Peat Moss and Seed

Compost Mix Products Contain: 
Granulated Compost and Seed

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The granulated compost is an all natural soil amendment with no manure or bio-solids.

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How much area does each bag cover?

Sand Mix: 50lb bags cover up to 415 sq. ft

Compost Mix: 8lb bags cover  up to 95 sq. ft and 35lb bags cover up to 425 sq. ft

TurfMend® Facts

Learn The Facts About TurfMend®

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Easy to use combination product

TurfMend® comes in two formulations

Granulated Compost and Grass Seed
USGA Spec Green Sand, Peat Moss and Grass Seed

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Our Technology

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Enhanced seed coating technology

TurfMend® utilizes Barenbrug Yellow Jacket advanced seed coating technology to retain moisture and nutrients. Featuring a starch-based super-absorbent capable of holding up to 600 times its own weight in water, enhanced seed establishes faster and requires less water.

Retains moisture, speeds germination and establishment with less water

Faster, stronger turf establishment provides superior natural competition to weeds and disease. This results in improved turf quality, reduced establishment costs and faster utilization of a newly seeded area.

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Our Testimonials

Words From Our Customers

Glowing Testimonials Stories of Delighted Customers Discover the Impact of Our Products

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“Since we started using TurfMend® I haven’t heard that word (unsightly) once. We also find that we use at least 50% less than the green sand/seed mix we originally used.”

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Director of Agronomy

Tim Zevotek

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