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TurfMend® with  is a proprietary blend that  uses professional quality seed that exceeds consumer product standards in terms of seed purity, inert matter, and other crop/weed contamination.

 DIYers/Homeowners can purchase TurfMend on our online store or, both options include  FREE SHIPPING!


Contains Granualted Compost and Seed

TurfMend® contains professional grade granulated compost. The granulated compost is an all natural soil amendment with no manure or bio-solids.  


Speeds germination and improves growing conditions

Together, this proprietary blend helps to create a superior combination product to hold moisture and nutrients in all types of environments, enhancing germination and encouraging rapid repair of bare spots.  Not only does the product repair damaged areas, but it provides growing conditions to help improve growth throughout the plant's lifespan.


Sourced and blended in the North America

In order to help support small businesses throughout the US and Canada; we work hard to ensure we source all of our materials that we use in TurfMend®, including the bags and labels from companies all around the USA and Canada.  In addition, we are also very proud to have our product blended and bagged in the US.

Sun and Shade 8lb.webp

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