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Please check out some of our customer testimonials below:

Micah Gould

Barenbrug USA

“I think the biggest thing that sets TurfMend apart is using high-quality seed,” says Gould. “Jeff never wanted this to be a basic patch repair product. He wanted it to be a quality product for the professional market. It’s giving the customer the best product overall. Best sand, best peat and best seed. That’s why TurfMend works and why more and more turf pros will love it.”

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Joey Elmore

Head Groundskeeper - Salem Red Sox

“My biggest takeaway is how much Jeff really loves this product and how much time and effort he’s put into it. You can clearly tell from the results. First, it’s the quality of the product. Second, it’s his knowledge and experience. He knows what he’s talking about, and I really appreciate that.”

Mike Kerns

Head Groundskeeper - Tacoma Rainiers

“It’s the easiest turf repair mix I’ve every used. Hands down. I remember the old days mixing it up and trying to remember the right combination of stuff. TurfMend is just sitting on a pallet. There’s no guessing. It’s beyond simple.”

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Matt Wilson

GCS - Glen Acres Golf Club

“I love the ease of use. It’s already blended and I don’t have to worry about somebody mis-mixing the seed – which is expensive stuff right now. The old way took too much time and effort for the people I have. Now I can grab three bags of TurfMend, throw it in his cart and I don’t have to worry about him. I know he can handle all the divots.”

Justin Wagler

Owner - Wagler Lawn Care

“It’s quick and easy. That’s the way of the world these days. And the employee shortages and other challenges are only going to get worse. I’d be surprised if more contractors don’t see the same value in TurfMend that we do.”


Duane Slaughter

GCS - Stonebrooke Golf Club

“TurfMend really works.  Not only for the ground staff, but I've never seen so many golfers filling divots with it.  They comment on the stuff all the time and how easy it is to use.”

Mike Lord

Head Baseball Coach & Groundskeeper
Oregon City High School

“In our program, the most coveted post-game/practice job i our sand and seed applicator.  Players apply for the job and I interview each applicant.  We only use TurfMend to fill our infield and apron divots.”

Leos Lawn Care_edited_edited.jpg

Shanz Leonelli

Owner - Leo's Lawn Care

Repairing the Bare for my residential customers has never been more simple.The larger bags are great for me to service multiple properties and fill in turf damage from dogs, insects, or any reason soil gets exposed; while the 8 lbs bags have been perfect for my customers to handle smaller jobs on their own.  The ease of use is efficient and effective, and gives consumers confidence in making their turf whole again..”

Eric Harshman

Grounds Superintendent
Berea College

"All of our fields are native soil at our Sports Complex. So using the granulated compost, peat moss and Barenbrug Turf Blue Pro bluegrass blend was ideal for our current situation and field type.  Initially, we were only using TurfMend on our soccer field. Based on our success, we have recently started using this product on divots/wear areas on our baseball infield & foul territories. TurfMend is versatile and will assist all turf professionals no matter what grass type you are managing.  Our main campus is heavily populated with over 1,600 trees ranging from Oaks to Poplars and everything in between.  Many sections of our campus is densely shaded and is difficult to grow/establish a good stand of grass. I plan to use the TurfMend Tall Fescue in these select areas on our main campus to help aid in thin, heavily trafficked areas along sidewalks and in our campus greenspaces.   Jeff has identified a demand in our industry and has formulated a product that is partnered with Barenbrug that produces results for a variety of needs for all turf professionals in all environments!"

Carl Michael_edited.jpg

Carl Michael

Golf Course Superintendent
Down River Golf Course

“Turfmend has been a game changer for our operations.The ease of use and consistent product you get out of every bag, you don’t need to worry about mixing your own divot mix and anyone can use it. It has significantly increased our productivity and quality of our turf recovery.”

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