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TurfMend Micro Mulch - NO SEED


Our Product

MicroMulch OH.jpeg
  • Combination of Greens Grade Granulated Compost and Kiln Dried USGA Spec Sand


  • Perfect mix to help heal zoysia divots all year long

  • Reduces healing time in zoysia down to 2.5-3 weeks based on our trials

  • Great product to use on Bermuda golf tees and sports fields during the shoulder season to help with divots and wear spots

  • No Seed so you don't have to worry about contamination

  • Dry and easy to spread by hand, through a rotary spreader or drop spreader

The below photos were taken at Augusta Country Club in August Georgia on their Zeon Zoysia tees using our Micro Mulch product.  The results speak for themselves:

August 8th.jpg

August 8th

August 15th.jpg

August 15th

August 25th.jpg

August 25th


TurfMend Micro Mulch is available in 50 lb bags (covers up to 415 sq ft.)  and is also available in 2000 lb totes.


Download the spec sheet.

TurfMend Micro-Mulch (1).png
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