TurfMend® is a turf grass patch product specially formulated to Repair The Bare!®


TurfMend is a proprietary blend that has professional quality seed that exceeds consumer product standards in terms of seed purity, inert matter, and other crop/weed contamination.  Also incorporation Barenbrug's Yellow Jacket Coating to improve turf germination and extended plant health; not to mention unique patented grasses and wide used professional products like Dunes Mix Fescue and RPR Perennial ryegrass.​

TurfMend now comes in two exciting formulations.  Our original formulation contains professional grade peat moss used anywhere from golf courses and sports fields across the nation.  In addition the sand is professional spec'd product used for topdressing both golf courses and sports fields alike. Our new formulation contains professional grade peat moss along with grade granulated compost.   The granulated compost is an all natural soil amendment with no manure or bio-solids.  The granulated compost delivers organic matter, carbon, microbiology and nutrients to your turf.  This will help to increase cation exchange, water holding capacity, have the ability to buffer pH and increase overall plant health.

Together they create a superior combination product to hold moisture and nutrients in all types of environments, enhancing germination and encouraging rapid repair of bare spots.  Not only does the product repair damaged areas, but it provides growing conditions to help improve plant growth throughout the plants lifespan.

In addition, all of our products that we put in TurfMend are all sourced from the USA and TurfMend is blended right here in the Pacific Northwest by Barenbrug USA.  




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USGA Spec Sand, Professional Grade Peat Moss and Grass Seed

Granulated Compost, Professional Grade Peat Moss and Grass Seed

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