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  • Soil Enrichment: Enhances beneficial soil biology and improves nutrient uptake.

  • Soil Refinement: Optimizes soil structure for healthier plant growth.

  • Versatility: Suitable for various applications throughout the growing season.

  • Seedbed Enhancement: Provides gentle nourishment to young and tender plants during seeding.

  • High-Traffic Resilience: Offers a boost to high traffic areas.

  • Multiple Sizing Options: Available in regular and micro prill sizes for diverse application requirements.

  • Winter Utility: Proven effective as an ice melter on golf greens during winter.


A 35-pound bag, when mixed with seed, can effectively cover an area of up to 425 square feet. Alternatively, a 35-pound bag used without seed has the potential to cover up to 3500 square feet, based on an application rate of 10 pounds per 1000 square feet. For larger-scale applications, this product is also offered in 2000-pound totes.

Product Overview

TurfMend® Granulated Compost and Micro Compost are meticulously engineered to enrich soil biology, enhance nutrient absorption, optimize soil structure, and promote the well-being of plants. Enriched with a blend of soil-stimulating ingredients, this compost offers versatile benefits throughout the entire growing season. Whether you're kickstarting nutrient mineralization in the spring, preparing turf for fall dormancy, or alleviating stress during challenging summer periods, our compost is your reliable solution.

Recommended Applications

  •  Spring Nutrient Kickstart: Enhance nutrient mineralization in the soil during the spring months.

  • Fall Turf Preparation: Prepare turf for dormancy and winter conditions in the fall.

  •  Summer Stress Alleviation: Provide stress relief to turf during challenging summer periods.

  • Seeding Support: Offer gentle nourishment to young plants during the seeding process.

  • High Traffic Areas: Boost the resilience of turf in high traffic areas.

  • Winter Ice Melting: Effectively melt ice on golf greens during winter for all-weather utility.

Sizing Options

TurfMend® Granulated Compost and Micro Compost are available in regular (125 SGN) and micro prill (100 SGN) sizes to suit various application needs.

Download the spec sheet.

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All TurfMend products blended in the USA.

Whether you're a professional turf manager or a proud homeowner, bare or worn turf areas look bad. TurfMend® is the superior quality, easy-to-use, professionally blended turf repair product that makes great turf a breeze!



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